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Enrich Your Career And Learn Concepts That Will Allow You To Reach Your Full Potential As A Salesperson!

"Stop Selling" contains a wealth of ideas that have proven effective even in the most turbulent markets, plus hundreds of new and innovative ideas that our guaranteed to increase your sales results!

~ Learn how to create better habits and implement the changes into your sales repetoire that will allow you to reach your unique personal goals in life.

~ Transform your sales results and your image.

~ Become a consultant, advisor, and trusted friend to your clients by better relating to there deepest desires and goals.

~ Develop a richer understanding of personality types and communication styles that will allow you to identify underlying obstacles to your sales success.

~ Learn how and why deals "stall out" and how by using the system presented in this book you can keep your clients on the path to closing.

~ Learn how to embrace change and recognize its position as the root of all decision making.

"Stop Selling" offers more than 35 years of sales experience in a simple, easy to follow format that will guide you to guaranteed success. If you are looking for ways to develop your career and enhance your professional and personal relationships, this book will provide the blueprint for your success!